- The first site of Calatonia in Brazil.
- Site of Community of Living Ethics: here the first international class of calatonia was graduated.
- The Institute that hosts the courses of Calatonia in London.
- The Avatar Fundation have published and translated Alice Bailey and Agni Yoga books, whose were an important reference for Petho Sandor´s work.
- Some Self-Healing Practitioners use Calatonia.
Site of Iniciativa Gaia, a beautiful Healing spot in Brazil founded by Edmundo Barbosa. Surrounded by forests, mountains and waterfalls, this place housed both Calatonia courses and courses from ours colleagues from the Community of Living Ethics.
Site of Editora Escuta Publisher, lead by Maria Cristina Magalhães, specialized in publications of psychoanalysis, psychology and calatonia.
Pulsional Bookshop: Distributes the books of Editora Escuta Publisher.